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The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say. ~Anaïs Nin

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Custom Slideshows

A slideshow is not only a representation of your project or cause, but a means of letting a story unfold.  From the cinematic aspect of images presented, to carefully selected music that brings out the emotional aspects of your project, a slideshow can evoke an emotional response that rallies support.

With a wide variety of writing experience, photography skills, and a background in music, I can help you create a slideshow that not only represents your idea, but attracts people who want to become part of your story.

I’ve produced several slideshows for different purposes over the years. The example below I created as part of a fundraiser for Ogden’s historic Union Station in 2013, and is a good example of my method for combining historical facts, photographs and emotional draw to create a compelling response.

I created this slideshow to tell the colorful history of the Union Station building in Ogden, Utah. It was presented during a fundraising event at the 2013 annual Indie Ogden Awards and taken to a national museum conference in Washington D.C.

This slideshow was produced for the Junior League of Ogden Gala in March 2014.

I created this slideshow for a fundraising event for a non-profit youth arts-focused group, Nurture the Creative Mind.


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