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The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say. ~Anaïs Nin

Book Marketing

One-hour free book marketing consultation

There is nothing I love more than talking with other writers! In this one hour, one-on-one chat we’ll discuss your goals, your book’s message and your potential audience. We’ll also evaluate your existing networks and author platform as well as take a look at your book pages (Amazon) and websites for content, keywords, and calls to action.  I’ll provide you, on the house, some customized advice and strategies you can immediately put to use in promoting your book.

Contact me at for your free consultation today!


Book Marketing Packages

I understand that just like every book, every author is different, with a unique set of needs. I want you to get an affordable book marketing package that’s customized to fit you and your book, as well a set of tools that boost your book promotion strategy.

All my packages can be purchased ala carte, or packaged for a discount. For pricing and other details, please contact me at


Media Outreach

As a writer myself, I understand how difficult book promotion for new authors can be.  In my media outreach plan, I provide clients offer an in-depth, 5-point book promotion and publicity package that will give your newly published book the jump-start it deserves. My publicity package includes:

  • One professionally written press release in conjunction with a book release, signing or another related event, distributed to at least three relevant media sources.


  • Up to three personalized emails distributed to relevant media outlets or blogs requesting an interview, feature, or blurb.


O-Town  Media Outreach (For authors in the Northern Utah region)

  • One professionally written press release in conjunction with a book release, signing or another related event, distributed to at least three relevant media sources.
  • Up to three personalized emails distributed to relevant media outlets or blogs requesting an interview, feature, or blurb.
  • One published author interview, including professional photos to be featured on a local media source or highly-trafficked blog.
  • Information and contact sheet of local bookstores currently working with local authors to sell and promote books


Email Marketing

Building an email following is a powerful tool for new authors; a guaranteed way of reaching followers and other supporters of you, your books, and your events. In my author email marketing plan, we will work together to:

  • Develop and/or build your email platform
  • Create relevant and interesting content for emailing followers
  • Develop and distribute one customized email to your group

*Newsletter development add-on (additional costs apply)

  • Design and develop an email newsletter template (additional cost applies)


Website Management

Your author website is the hub of information and excitement for your followers and potential readers. It’s critical that your pages and posts contain gripping, dynamic content that calls your audience to action. In my website management plan, we will:

  • Evaluate and customize your website and Amazon page for readability, keywords and call to action.
  • Locate opportunities for you to connect with relevant blogs for features and guest posts
  • Promote your website posts (and guest posts) via your social media accounts.


Social Media Management

Your social media pages are literally your connection to your readers, but many authors are misusing their pages for promotion, and missing huge opportunities to build relationships.  With the right mindset, your social media pages can bring you a powerful following and I’m here to help you harness that power. In my social media management plan, we will:

  • Evaluate and improve your personal information on each of your social media outlets, including your bio (a critically overlooked opportunity by many authors!)
  • Evaluate your social media content for readability, good organic, relationship-building content, personal connection and (smart) promotion of yourself and your works.
  • Cross reference your social media pages in all your promotional materials (websites, guest posts, inside book covers, and etc.


*Social Media Coaching package add-on (additional costs apply)

  • We’ll work together over a 30 day period to help you develop content that attracts followers and builds relationships with your readers

Special Features

Indie Ogden

11 Creative Winter Dates for the Ogden Couple

Historic Preservation Scavenger Hunt

Through the Lens – North Ogden City

Arrowsmith Antique and Art Gallery Spotlight

Pandemonium Art Gallery Spotlight

October in O-Town


Standard Examiner

To The RescueCouple raises thousands to help local fire department

Spreading the Warmth – Teen knits hats for underprivileged kids

Turning Wild plants into Wreaths of Art – Dave Maxson has been creating unique garden art for over 20 years.


Custom Slideshows

A slideshow is not only a representation of your project or cause, but a means of letting a story unfold.  From the cinematic aspect of images presented, to carefully selected music that brings out the emotional aspects of your project, a slideshow can evoke an emotional response that rallies support.

With a wide variety of writing experience, photography skills, and a background in music, I can help you create a slideshow that not only represents your idea, but attracts people who want to become part of your story.

I’ve produced several slideshows for different purposes over the years. The example below I created as part of a fundraiser for Ogden’s historic Union Station in 2013, and is a good example of my method for combining historical facts, photographs and emotional draw to create a compelling response.

I created this slideshow to tell the colorful history of the Union Station building in Ogden, Utah. It was presented during a fundraising event at the 2013 annual Indie Ogden Awards and taken to a national museum conference in Washington D.C.

This slideshow was produced for the Junior League of Ogden Gala in March 2014.

I created this slideshow for a fundraising event for a non-profit youth arts-focused group, Nurture the Creative Mind.

News Articles


Terrace Officials Share Concerns with Sen. Greiner

Terrace to Raise Utility Rates

Terrace Receives Budget Award 2 Years Standing

Terrace Bids Farewell to Founding Father


Event Coverage

Ogden High School Reunion Planned for Class of 1939

Scoutings Top Youth Meet for Training


Carrying a strong appreciation for visual art, I see beauty in just about every scene I come across. I’ve been taking pictures to accompany articles for about 9 years, and developing a love of photography since I was old enough to hold a camera…



Animals & Wildlife


Foods & Misc.

Web Content

CFDynamics – About page

CFDynamics WordPress Hosting page

CFDynamics Data Center page

Writing the Fire – About Page


It’s said that getting to know people is like opening a gift, and I concur. Being a reader and writer of fiction, my favorite part of any story is getting to know its characters, and individual interviews is basically that in reality.

From a business perspective, an interview with an associate, a famous client, or a partner can unearth great information that can boost and improve your company’s image.

The examples of interviews here were written as blog posts for Indie Ogden, an online publication that promotes local events, businesses and organizations in Ogden, Utah.

Janette Bischoff, Owner/Director at Kids are Music

Amir Jackson, Founder of Nurture the Creative Mind

Dr. Victoria Ramirez, Ogden Professor, Writer, Musician

Have someone you’d like to interview? I love getting to know people and I’m great at asking not-your-typical, intriguing questions that really bring out a person’s uniqueness. Let’s talk today!

Press Releases

A great press release contains a winning combination of news, timely information and subtle promotion. A well-crafted press release not only informs potential consumers about you or your organization, it helps you reach new markets and conveys your company’s purpose and values.

Following are examples of press releases I’ve written for various organizations over the years, some of which have been picked up through major publications like Yahoo News, The San Francisco Chronicle and CBS News.

Web hosting leader launches new website

Leading web host expands state-of-the-art data center

CFDynamics adds ColdFusion Technology

Coffee Shop Donates Proceeds from Comedy Improv Event to Ogden Police Press Release

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